Potential Vaccine for Alzheimer’s Grants a Lot of Hope

Potential Vaccine for Alzheimer’s Grants a Lot of Hope

Some people believe that Alzheimer’s is the worst disease that a person can suffer from, as it attacks their intelligence and cognitive abilities. Losing your memory is a horrible thing, and while medical experts from all over the world had been desperately trying to come up with a cure, perhaps a vaccine could solve the situation even better.

ScienceAlert.com brings the exciting news of a first-of-its-kind experimental Alzheimer’s disease vaccine that has passed a late stage of human trials, as reported by the scientists themselves.

AADvac1 could save millions of elders from Alzheimer’s disease

AADvac1 is the drug candidate in question that could eradicate Alzheimer’s. The biotech company Axon Neuroscience developed the drug, and during the phase II clinical trial, AADvac1 produced a response against certain markers of the degenerative disease.

One hundred ninety-three patients who were suffering from mild Alzheimer’s were observed, and 117 of them received AADvac1. The other ones were given a placebo. The participants who got the drug showed high levels of immunoglobulin G antibody responses. Therefore, AADvac1 could do a good job against the tau protein aggregations from the brain.

While speaking for MedPage Today, Petr Novak, who is the first author of the study, said:

To the extent of my knowledge, this is the first time that a tau-targeted immunotherapy showed clear evidence of impact on the neurodegenerative process and a strong indication of clinical effect in patients with a confirmed Alzheimer’s disease biomarker profile.

Alzheimer’s disease was discovered in the last century, and it’s a leading cause of death. The average life expectancy after being diagnosed with the degenerative disease is from eight to ten years. There are also cases when the patient can only live for three years or even for 20 years.

The new findings had been reported in Nature Aging.


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