PleurX Drainage Catheter: What to Expect From Your PleurX Placement Procedure?

PleurX Drainage Catheter: What to Expect From Your PleurX Placement Procedure?

The PleurX drainage catheter is a flexible, thin tube that is inserted into the thorax to drain fluid from the pleural space and make breathing simpler. As a matter of fact, it is common to have a little fluid in the pleural compartment, as it facilitates effortless breathing. In certain instances, however, problems arise, necessitating consultation with a physician to determine the best course of action if there is too much liquid in your pleural space. A PleurX drainage catheter may be one of the potential solutions.

Learn more about the PleurX drainage catheter below.

How Does a PleurX Catheter Drainage Work?

Did you know that your lungs are enclosed by two tissue layers known as the pleura? Additionally, the area between each layer is known as the pleural space. As stated previously, it is normal to have a small amount of fluid. Dealing with more than necessary can make it difficult for your airways to fully dilate and can cause you to become short of breath.

That’s where the PleurX drainage catheter may intervene.

First things first, you should know what a PleurX catheter includes:

The catheter in question where one end of the tube will remain in the pleural space and the opposite end will remain outside the body.
A one-way valve is located at the catheter’s tip outside the body. This item smoothly allows pleural fluid to exit.
A valve covering that protects and keeps the valve sanitary.

Key Facts About PleurX Placement Procedure

Your PleurX drainage catheter has to be inserted by a medical professional. Your physician will clarify the procedure and provide you with the finest medical care available. There are various methods to position a PleurX drainage catheter, including:

1. Interventional Pulmonology.
2. Interventional Radiology.
3. Thoracic Surgery. 

You will be transported to the Post-Anesthesia Recovery Unit (PACU) after your procedure. Once you are fully conscious, you will either return to your hospital bed or be discharged.


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