Pioneer Behind mRNA Vaccines Reveals Plans For Cancer Immunization Shot – What Could Go Wrong?

Pioneer Behind mRNA Vaccines Reveals Plans For Cancer Immunization Shot – What Could Go Wrong?

The pioneer behind the mRNA shots has revealed that he’s planning on working on new vaccines that immunize people against cancer. Well, check out more details about all this below.

Is cancer vaccine on the way?

Someone said: “First it will be 95% effective. Then 89%, then 77%, and so on, till they say well it reduces the severity of cancer when you get it.”

A follower said: “So he’s going to give everyone cancer. This is what science has become, to get ahead of something, cause it early and on purpose. No surprises.”

Someone else said: “Considering the mRNA ‘cancer vaccine’ will no doubt either cause cancers or encourage existing cancers to flourish it’ll be interesting to know how they’ll determine if the ‘vaccine’ is working or not.”

Covid vaccine in the news

It has been revealed that Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo confirmed that fragments of DNA have been detected in Covid mRNA shots. Here is the relevant tweet below:

More experts addressed the vaccines, saying that they have compounds in them that trigger frameshifting. 

Someone said: “We need studies on the recipients to see what is happening in their bodies to finally show how deadly these are…”

Frameshifting is defined as the addition or deletion of one or more nucleotides in a strand of DNA, which shifts the codon triplets of the genetic code of messenger RNA and causes a misreading during translation, resulting in an aberrant protein and, therefore a mutation.

It seems that the real death count might be out following the covid vaccine from Pfizer in New Zealand. Check out the latest reports about the matter below and find out why the country is in panic mode.

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