Piers Morgan Suffers From Chronic Covid Caused By Booster IgG4 Immune Tolerance

Piers Morgan Suffers From Chronic Covid Caused By Booster IgG4 Immune Tolerance

It has been revealed the fact that Piers Morgan has some troubles from the COVID boosters, which caused the IgG4 immune tolerance. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Inability to overcome the virus

Piers Morgan has “chronic COVID” because his boosters caused “IgG4 immune tolerance”. His immune system cannot overcome the virus due to COVID vaccines.

His tweet shows what IgG4 immune tolerance looks like:

There is an interesting study on the effectiveness of Covid-19 booster shots. The study evaluated how long the virus can survive in individuals who have been vaccinated and those who have not.

The researchers cultured swabs from patients who tested positive for Covid-19 on various days past the diagnosis.

They then counted the number of patients, based on their vaccination status, who were still carrying live, replication-competent virus.

The study found that one-third of individuals who received booster shots still carried live, culturable virus ten days after the beginning of the infection.

In contrast, unvaccinated individuals had only 6% of people who were still contagious at Day 10. This means that the percentage of vaccinated individuals who are still contagious (31%) is over five times greater than the percentage of still-contagious unvaccinated individuals (6%).

Just to clarify, the study found that out of 100 individuals who have been vaccinated and catch Covid, 31 of them will still have live virus in their system on Day 10. This is equivalent to one-third of the vaccinated individuals.

On the other hand, out of 100 unvaccinated individuals who catch Covid, only 6 of them will test positive on Day 10. This is over five times fewer individuals than those who are vaccinated.

However, it’s important to note that the study was conducted on a relatively small sample size, so the statistical significance may not be as strong as we would like it to be.

Nonetheless, this study supports what we already suspected based on previous news reports. Check out more details and also take a look at the charts as well in the original post. 

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