Pfizer Covid Vaccine: Hepatitis C Virus Reactivation Following Vaccination – Coincidence or Not?

Pfizer Covid Vaccine: Hepatitis C Virus Reactivation Following Vaccination – Coincidence or Not?

Unfortunately, more and more bad news gets out following Pfizer’s revealing their side effects documents and more tests on patients. Check out the latest terrible report involving a patient above 80 years old who got the Pfizer injection.

Check out the following tweet:

Some people pointed out that all this could only be a coincidence. 

Someone said: “They even admit in the paper that reactivation could be a coincidence. “While we cannot exclude a coincidental occurrence of the HCV load increase by chance after the vaccination” So in other words, they don’t know.”

Pfizer in the news

Not too long ago, we addressed the fact that Pfizer wants to offer more and more shots to people even though it’s been reported that the effectiveness of the vaccine is not as successful as expected. Check out the latest reports below.

It’s been just reported that the pharmaceuticals company filed an application with U.S. regulators seeking emergency use authorization for a second booster shot of their COVID-19 vaccine for people aged 65 and older.

The submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration includes data collected in Israel, where a second booster is authorized for many people over age 18, according to the latest reports. 

“An analysis of data from over a million adults 60 years and older showed rates of confirmed infections and severe illness were lower among individuals who received an additional booster dose of the vaccine administered at least four months after an initial booster (third) dose compared to those who received only one booster dose, the companies said.”

Stay tuned for more news. 

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