Parents Vs. School Districts: The Battle Amidst Covid Infections

Parents Vs. School Districts: The Battle Amidst Covid Infections

The novel coronavirus is obviously here to stay some more, and you can see this in lots of headlines all over the media.

Now, CNN is revealing that some Wisconsin parents are suing two school districts over their Covid-19 mitigation efforts. These people are arguing that the systems failed to protect their children from getting infected.

Wisconsin lawsuits against schools 

CNN revealed that the first lawsuit was filed in federal court last week by Shannon Jensen against the Waukesha School District, the Waukesha Board of Education, a number of school board members, and district employees, according to the court documents.
Then Monday, according to the same official notes, Gina Kildahl filed a separate complaint against the Fall Creek School District, the board, its superintendent, and individual board members for “recklessly refusing” to implement Covid-19 mitigation strategies recommended by the CDC, according to the complaint.

“By bringing students back to class around unmasked staff, reinstituting extracurricular activities, and allowing potentially contagious visitors and volunteers into the schools without masks, FCSD and the BOARD threw students into a Covid-19 ‘snake pit’ creating an affirmative duty to keep their students safe from Covid-19.”

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This is what Kildahl’s complaint read.

Officials want to get the students back into in-person learning 

It’s been revealed that officials and members of the public are putting a high priority on getting students back into in-person learning at the beginning of this academic year. 

In some of the places, there have been a lot of parents who have protested restrictions that are implemented by the school officials. 

All this is happening because the kids are getting infected with covid 19 and parents are saying that the lack and delay in communication about infections is a risk to the whole community. We suggest that you check out more about these developing stories in CNN’s piece. 

Stay tuned for more news, and make sure to remain safe. 

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