Pancreatic Cancer Awareness – Don’t Miss This Sign!

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness – Don’t Miss This Sign!

The sad reality is that even while there are warning signs for the majority of cancers, sometimes such signs aren’t enough to catch the disease in its early stages. However, any signs of cancer, no matter how subtle, should never be disregarded, and it is critical to make an appointment with a medical professional if you see any changes in your body. When cancer is detected at an earlier stage, there is a greater possibility that it can be effectively treated using methods such as surgery, medication, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment.

The following are the five warning signs of cancer that you may be ignoring:

  • Swallowing difficulties or a sensation of fullness along with shortness of breath (most neglected!)
  • Lumps and masses
  • Leaking blood
  • Alterations in the internal functioning of the body

It is possible for a cancer symptom to become life-threatening if it is ignored or not addressed in time. If you have trouble swallowing food (also known as dysphagia) or feel full at meal times, this might be a sign of cancer, but it is one that is frequently neglected. Therefore, if you’re experiencing shortness of breath, you should have it checked out by an expert as soon as possible, particularly if it occurs even while you’re engaging in everyday activities that wouldn’t normally cause you to get out of breath.

Additionally, certain forms of bleeding can be more suggestive of cancer than others. Although bleeding can be caused by other disorders, any bleeding that includes having blood in your stool or urine, coughing up blood, or having bloody nipple discharge should be investigated by a doctor right away. Certain types of bleeding can be more diagnostic of cancer than others.

And here’s the thing.

According to the website for Cancer Research UK, one in two individuals in the United Kingdom will be confirmed to have cancer at some point during their lifetime. However, about four out of ten cancer cases in the United Kingdom each year might be avoided, which would amount to more than 135,000 avoided cases annually. Cancer awareness is key!


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