One Of The Most Important Videos You’ll See: The Truth About Agenda 2030

One Of The Most Important Videos You’ll See: The Truth About Agenda 2030

It has been just revealed that there is a video that will probably be one of the most important ones that you’ll see these days. Check it out below.

The truth about agenda 2030

EXPOSED – “Former US Senator On UN Agenda 2030. IT’S REAL, we will own nothing, be chipped like cattle & eat bugs.”

Here is what he is saying:
“I worked in the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee back in it was 2007, the UN came out with their big agriculture report where they said that cow emissions were more harmful to the planet than all the trains, planes and automobiles combined
And this was the beginning or the acceleration of going after the global food supply. And what happened in that in the interim time, is there’s all sorts of people in Hollywood people like, Excuse me, Nicole Kidman, pushing insect eating, with Vanity Fair actually like eating live insects, which I never understood where the animal rights people were with pushing that we’re seeing this madness spread everywhere
Now, in Ireland, they’re going to kill 200,000 Cows over three years to meet the net zero climate goals. Germany, this is their German newspaper, The Daily build one sausage per month, according to the government’s new proposal with the German nutritional society. This is real. It’s happening. It’s not theoretical. We’re not talking about down the road. You saw the video clip, John Kerry announced earlier in June, that we’re now going to be targeting American agriculture.”

He continued and revealed the following:
“What happens is these politicians and yes, even Republican politicians sign on to these UN climate treaties and the end UN climate reports. Not so much George W. Bush, not Donald Trump, but certainly George HW Bush, but at these summits in the course with Obama & Biden, they sign on to I will limit with along with these other politicians all limit the earth’s temperature to two degrees, and they’ll all limit up to 1.5 degrees & we’ll double down on that zero, like modern witches arguing over how they’re going to fine-tune the Earth’s climate.
Well, this grandstanding has real consequences because they then have net zero goals, a treaty that they signed, like the UN Paris agreement, they go home in the case of the Netherlands, where they wanted to eliminate up to almost 12,000 family-run small farms before the farmers fought back a court order that they had to comply with these netzero commitments. And this is what’s now happening both in our automotive industry and our food and energy industry. We’ve committed ourselves and now we’re forced to come out and sex-reorienting every aspect of society. This is the intentional collapse of food, agriculture, energy and to boot our free speech, so we can’t complain about it. And this, so what’s happening right now, as we go forward, as the United States just approved lab-grown meat, the United States is approving insects”

The UN made headlines regarding a really important subject back in 2021 and we suggest that you check out our previous article in order to learn more details about this.

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