One In Four People Vaccinated With Pfizer Covid Shot Had An Unintended Immune Response

One In Four People Vaccinated With Pfizer Covid Shot Had An Unintended Immune Response

It has been just revealed the fact that one in four people who have been vaccinated with the Pfizer covid shot have had an unintended immune reaction. Check out the latest reports about this below.

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According to a study, more than a quarter of individuals who received mRNA Covid vaccines experienced an unintended immune response due to a flaw in the way the vaccine was interpreted by the body.

The research conducted by Cambridge scientists revealed that although no adverse effects were caused by the glitch, the vaccines were not completely efficient and occasionally resulted in the production of meaningless proteins instead of the desired Covid “spike”, which generates antibodies by mimicking an infection.

mRNA vaccines, such as those produced by Moderna and Pfizer, employ a sequence of genetic material to instruct the body to produce a specific protein that mimics an infection in a safe manner.

Research in this area has been slow and arduous for several decades due to the fact that RNA itself is often perceived as a foreign invader and attacked by the body.

In 2023, two scientists won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their efforts to solve a problem in vaccine development. They achieved this by replacing one of the RNA bases, uridine, with a synthetic alternative that was very similar. This breakthrough allowed scientists to create vaccines that could produce proteins in the body without triggering an immune response, resulting in highly effective and precise vaccines. This modification was a key factor in the development of the Covid vaccine.

Initially, it was believed that the alteration to uridine had no negative impact on cells. However, researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Medical Research Council (MRC) Toxicology Unit have now discovered that the protein-making mechanism in the body sometimes struggles to process the synthetic code.

The uridine analogues are not a perfect fit for the expected process, causing momentary pauses that may result in a skipped letter in the code – much like a bike slipping a gear.

During the process of gene expression, a phenomenon called frameshifting can occur.

This happens when the grouping of three genetic code units, known as codons, is disrupted, leading to a misinterpretation of the code. The COVID-19 vaccine uses a code that can cause this issue, resulting in the production of a nonsensical protein that is harmless to the body.

However, the immune system may mistakenly identify this protein as harmful, leading to an immune response. A recent study published in Nature found that this occurred in approximately 25-30% of vaccinated individuals.

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