New COVID Nanobody Treatment Shows Exhilarating Results – We’re Getting Closer to the End of the Pandemic

New COVID Nanobody Treatment Shows Exhilarating Results – We’re Getting Closer to the End of the Pandemic

Scientists from the University of Pittsburg School of Medicine have invented what the entire world might have been waiting for. After working with other scientists from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, the researchers involved are optimistic that they’ve found a way to cure COVID-19 and even prevent the infection with the disease.

The great news comes from, and the new treatment implies the use of nanobodies. It’s also good news for those who are afraid of needles – the treatment can be administered by simply inhaling it.

Experiments on hamsters brought back exhilarating results. Reductions of a million fold were observed in particles from the animals’ lungs after COVID infection.

Even more effective than injections

The nanobodies made for the treatment are active even for mutations of the coronavirus. And yes, the Delta variant is also on the list!

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Dr. Yi Shi, who worked at the new treatment, declared as quoted by

So, basically, what this technology could do is, you can have a pretty convenient method by directly inhaling the nanobodies. And because it’s directly inhaling into the lungs, where the infection happens, this is more effective than injecting into the blood.

However, Shi admits an important aspect, as also cited by

We don’t have direct evidence, we are still collecting data, but based on our analysis it looks like at least two type of nanobodies remain highly effective against the delta variant.

The scientists behind the new findings are hoping that clinical trials for humans will start soon. What’s for sure is that we all have strong reasons to look forward with great optimism.

So far, the classical ways of trying to prevent COVID-19 infection are the ones all of us already know by now: staying away from crowds, wearing a facemask, washing our hands often, and so on.

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