Never Eat Aspartame Again! It Reportedly Puts Holes In The Brain

Never Eat Aspartame Again! It Reportedly Puts Holes In The Brain

It’s been just revealed that aspartame can damage your health more than you know. Check out the latest terrifying reports.

One other the most dangerous poisons 

Aspartame is the most popular artificial sweetener in the United States, with most people believing it to be a healthy alternative to sugar.

“What some people don’t know is that aspartame is one of the most dangerous food additives on the market. Aside from being linked to heart attacks and stroke, aspartame has been found to trigger brain tumours, along with a handful of other neurological-related disorders.”

According to the latest reports it seems that it can also trigger holes in the brain.

Now, WikiLeaks released a John Podesta email that shed light on the artificial sweetener aspartame. He pointed out the dangers of NutraSweet, and the dirty work involved in getting the sweetener approved as a “food” ingredient.

The email chain was forwarded to Pedestal by Wendy Abrams, in which she writes:

“I also have a friend who worked for the researchers at University of Chicago (which has a top rated neurology dept) and the doctors there said when they gave NutraSweet to lab mice, it literally blew holes in their brains. They said they will tell a pregnant woman to drink any amount of alcohol before touching a sip of NutraSweet, it is that bad.”

In back and forth emails between Abrams and a man named Don Kennedy, the latter explains how aspartame came to be legalized:

“He explains that the day after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, January 21, 1981, Searle – the original developer of aspartame – applied to the FDA for approval to use aspartame in food sweetener for a second time [aspartame was previously banned].”

You can do your own research in order to find out more. 

We strongly suggest that you check out the original article in order to learn more details about this. Stay tuned for more news. 

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