Neil Oliver Is Calling Out The Midazolam Involuntary State Euthanasia With NHS Guideline NG163

Neil Oliver Is Calling Out The Midazolam Involuntary State Euthanasia With NHS Guideline NG163

It looks like the subject of midazolam murders refuses to die and remains in the spotlight. The amazing Neil Oliver is calling out the crimes on his live video, and below, you can check out the post on X in order to see what he has to say about the matter.

The midazolam murders remain in the spotlight

Here is the post on X that sheds light on the matter:

I’ve been addressing the matter of the midazolam murders for a while now, and the subject must not be put to sleep until the guilty pay for crimes against humanity.

Sharing the story about the atrocious murders committed in hospitals and nursing homes

According to more reports, the doctors were using Midazolam to “treat” them, resulting in their deaths. This has also happened in nursing homes as well, and it’s definitely a scandal of enormous proportions that no one seems to address anymore.

It’s been revealed the fact that tens of thousands of elderly English were murdered with an injection of the end-of-life drug Midazolam.

“These deaths were then falsely blamed on Covid, which was the basis of the public fear campaigns used to justify the lockdowns and mass-mandated injections of the public (including children) with an experimental medical intervention that had zero long-term safety data.”

Along the way, a small group pushing the need for mass-mandated injections made billions.

This paper shows that the UK spike in deaths, wrongly attributed to COVID-19 in April 2020, was not due to SARS-CoV-2 virus, which was largely absent, but was due to the widespread use of Midazolam injections, which were statistically very highly correlated (coefficient over 90 percent) with excess deaths in all regions of England during 2020.

Check out my previous article in order to learn more details about this.

Also, please check out my articles about these horrible crimes addressed by people who have been harmed and whose lives were destroyed.

Stay tuned for more news about this important matter and continue to fight for justice anyway you can.

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