Moderna Is Leading All Drugmakers In Market Cap Gain

Moderna Is Leading All Drugmakers In Market Cap Gain

The news about the novel coronavirus continues. The novel virus managed to change our lives for good, and normality will probably never come back.

Our lives are now governed by fear and uncertainty, and it looks that things are here to stay for a while longer.

Moderna flaunts most significant market cap gain 

It’s been just reported that Moderna has increased its valuation more than any other drugmaker in the world during the pandemic as new opportunities arising from the corona boost sharp-focused newcomers to new heights.

Here’s what the online publication Asia.Nikkei says: 

“Moderna’s market capitalization rose by more than $130 billion between the end of September and Thursday to nearly $140 billion, according to a ranking compiled by QUICK-FactSet.”

The same notes continue and say that the gains are largely propelled by the success of its mRNA coronavirus vaccine. These gains have outpaced pharmaceutical giants that have been around for a century or more.

“Second-ranked Eli Lilly increased its market cap by about $120 billion over the same period, while Roche came in fourth with a roughly $75 billion gain,” the same notes continue. 

Tetsuya Yamaguchi, executive vice president at Roche unit Chugai Pharmaceutical, said the following echoing a growing sentiment in the industry.

“We will need to consider partnering with domestic and foreign newcomers as well as research institutions that hold cutting-edge technology.” 

Covid does not infect brain cells 

It’s been just revealed that the novel coronavirus doesn’t infect human brain cells. This is according to a new study that’s been published in the journal Cell.

These new findings are raising hopes that the damage caused by the novel coronavirus might be more superficial and reversible than it’s been previously believed. 


It’s extremely important to note the fact that this new study contradicts earlier research that suggested the virus infects neurons in the membrane that lines the upper recesses of the nose.

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