Moderna CEO Reveals When We Can Expect Covid Booster Shot To Come Out

Moderna CEO Reveals When We Can Expect Covid Booster Shot To Come Out

We recently revealed that experts are working on covid booster shots. 

It’s been just revealed that there is a pending discussion about booster shots for coronavirus that has been gaining more and more popularity these days.

Case counts are still rising, and new variants are emerging.

“Right now, as we continue to develop more variants internationally and they come our way, it looks like boosters are going to become a reality.”

This is what Dr. Manish Garg, an emergency medicine physician and co-founder of the World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine, said on Yahoo Finance Live.

The coronavirus vaccines have been deployed all over the world for a few months now, and they are still surrounded by massive controversies due to their side effects for some patients. 

It’s been also reported that there are some crazy data about unvaccinated people and covid 19 out. 

On the other hand, important news about the treatment that the FDA just approved is out. 

Moderna CEO addresses when to expect the booster shots 

Fox Business just revealed that Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said recently during an interview with “Mornings with Maria” when his company’s COVID-19 booster vaccine could be available to the public as the delta variant spreads across the globe.

He noted that the company is “waiting for a bit more data,” but said in some countries, the Moderna booster shot could be available to some demographics “as soon as September.”

He also said the following:

“we have tried in humans already a booster of the South Africa strain, the Beta virus and we’ve announced this morning that we’re also working on the delta booster and so that data is going to come together in the coming months.”

He noted that “when we see the totality of the data, we’ll take the best booster.”

Stay tuned for more news. 

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