Moderna Announces Plans To Treat Heart Disease Amidst Post Covid Vaccines Scandals

Moderna Announces Plans To Treat Heart Disease Amidst Post Covid Vaccines Scandals

Moderna has been making a lot of headlines recently following their covid vaccine. 

Not too long ago, we were talking about the fact that there are all kinds of discussions about the potential side effects of the covid vaccine, and these include heart inflammation for younger people.

Check out the latest reports involving Moderna vaccines below.

It seems that the very rare side effect among under-31s of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine leads to the fact that Belgium stopped using this vaccine last month for the first two vaccine doses of people in this age group.

The online publication Brussels Times notes that younger people can still receive the vaccine for their booster shot (a half dose rather than a full one), but Pfizer’s vaccine is now recommended for the first two doses for all people below the age of 31. This is based on the advice of the Superior Health Council.

“The decision for the basic vaccination of 18- to 30-year-olds is based on international knowledge of possible side effects that are very rare. We took this decision as a precaution.”

This is what Gudrun Briat, the spokesperson for the Vaccination Task Force, told The Brussels Times.

Moderna stocks crashed

It’s been also revealed that the Moderna stock was crashing like there’s no tomorrow.

Forbes notes that Moderna shares fell for a sixth straight day Friday as experts questioned whether Covid-19 vaccine sales alone will help justify the firm’s meteoric valuation.

Check out more details in our previous article. The latest events triggered massive scandals and more scrutiny from people regarding Moderna’s covid vaccine, and you can see this on Twitter. 

Moderna is working on heart-related treatments

Now, it’s been revealed that amidst all the issues that we mentioned above, Moderna is working on something else. Check out the official post that the firm shared on Twitter.

“What if #mRNA could treat life-threatening #cardiovascular diseases such as #HeartFailure? We are collaborating with
@AstraZeneca on an mRNA therapeutic (AZD8601) that encodes for VEGF-A to promote recovery of cardiac function through tissue regeneration.”

Also, make sure to check out their official press release. 

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