Moderna Admits DNA Contamination Can Lead To Cancer

Moderna Admits DNA Contamination Can Lead To Cancer

It’s been revealed that Moderna said that the DNA contamination in the vaccines can lead to cancer. Check out the latest reports about the matter below.

Here is the tweet that sheds more light on the matter, along with the video featuring dr. Malone.

“Moderna ADMITS That DNA Contamination Can Lead to Cancer

• Moderna has a patent that acknowledges RNA is preferable to DNA in vaccines due to risks of insertional mutagenesis, which might activate oncogenes or inhibit tumor suppressor genes, Dr.

• A new study up for peer review has found billions of residual DNA fragments in COVID-19 mRNA vaccine vials. In other words, the vials are contaminated with DNA. These findings were not disclosed to the public.

• Additionally, Pfizer, in their documentation to regulatory bodies, omitted information about the presence of SV40 sequences in their vaccine.

• As such, the COVID shots, contaminated with DNA fragments, can cause anything associated with DNA damage — birth defects and cancers being the notable ones.”

Someone said: “What we have now is DNA wrapped in a protective lipid nanoparticle that goes straight to cells, and it evades degradation,
and it happens to be sequenced with a nuclear targeting sequence in it.
That’s a risk for genome integration, that’s a risk for cancer, that’s a risk for all types of hell to break loose inside of the cell.
This contaminating DNA is in a Trojan Horse and is going to get inside the cell.
The regulations are not constructed for this.
And then there is the sticky ends on the broken-up pieces of DNA.”

In other recent news, people who experienced chronic symptoms after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine reported exercise intolerance, excessive fatigue, numbness, brain fog, and neuropathy as the most common symptoms.

The study, which was partly funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), also found that at least half of the participants experienced other symptoms such as insomnia, palpitations, myalgia, tinnitus, headache, burning sensations, and dizziness. The participants reported a median of 22 symptoms, with a maximum of 35.

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