Mind-Blowing Report About Covid Pandemic Hits The News

Mind-Blowing Report About Covid Pandemic Hits The News

The novel coronavirus changed our lives for good, and probably most of us cannot even remember what normality used to feel like.

Now, our lives are under the sign of fear and uncertainty, and things are not expected to get any better too soon.

Check out the latest reports about the coronavirus pandemic that have been released by the online publication CNBC. 

Covid is the deadliest pandemic in America

CNBC just reported that Covid-19 is officially the most deadly outbreak in recent American history.

It’s also important to note the fact that it managed to surpass the estimated U.S. fatalities from the 1918 influenza pandemic, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

“Reported U.S. deaths due to Covid crossed 675,000 on Monday, and are rising at an average of more than 1,900 fatalities per day,” Johns Hopkins data shows.

The US nation is currently experiencing yet another wave of new infections, fueled by the fast-spreading delta variant.

As it’s been already revealed, the coronavirus cases among kids are rising, and this is happening at a time when the highlight infectious Delta variant advances across the US at a rapid pace. 

The Delta Covid variant is ruling all the other strains across the globe these days. It’s already been reported that the Delta variant is the most dangerous one so far, according to more expert opinions across the globe. 

Comparisons with the influenza flu 

The same online publication notes that the 1918 flu – which came in three waves, occurring in the spring of 1918, the fall of 1918; and the winter and spring of 1919 – “killed an estimated 675,000 Americans,” according to the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention.

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This was considered America’s most lethal pandemic in recent history up until now.

“I think we are now pretty well done with historical comparisons,” said Dr. Howard Markel, a physician and medical historian at the University of Michigan.

He added it is time to stop looking back to this pandemic as a guide for how to act in the present and to start thinking forward from 2021.

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  1. How are the stars even considered legitimate, however?! They fudged the numbers to include anyone who happened to test positive within 59 days of death as a covid death, even if they died of say a bullshit wound. No way those stats are factually related to covid


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