Microplastics Discovered In Every Human Placenta, New Study Reveals

Microplastics Discovered In Every Human Placenta, New Study Reveals

According to a new study, it seems that microplastics have been discovered in every human placenta. Here are the latest reports coming from the scientists.

Microplastics discovered in human placenta

It’s been just reported that there are extremely harmful microplastics that have been discovered in the human placenta.

Some of these are triggering asthma, cancers, and damage to the liver, and they also seem to be impairing reproductive function.

The experts revealed the tragic discovery in a new peer-reviewed study that was published in the Toxicological Sciences journal on February 17.

The study examined the issues related to nano and microplastic pollution in humans. Experts found that all of the 62 testes placenta samples included microplastics, and the concentrations ranged from 6.5 to 790 micrograms per gram of tissue.

It’s important to highlight the fact that the placenta is an organ developing in the uterus during pregnancy, and it provides oxygen and other necessary nutrients to the baby while, at the same time, removing waste products from the blood of the baby.

Another issue worth mentioning is the fact that the most prevalent microplastics that are found in the samples have been polyethylene – this accounted for 54 percent of all detected NMPs and was “consistently found in nearly all samples.”

The Epoch Times notes the fact that “polyethylene has been associated with several health complications like asthma, hormone disruption impacting reproduction, and mild dermatitis or swelling and irritation of the skin.”

The same online publication notes the fact that “polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and nylon each represented approximately 10 percent of the NMPs by weight. PVC has been linked to damage to the liver and reproductive system.”

It is also important that we mention the fact that the substance is carcinogenic.

On the other hand, nylon is a harmless substance, but the material undergoes chemical treatments that are used during the manufacturing processes and can definitely pose a massive risk to human health.

We suggest that you check out the official study in order to learn more details about the harm that microplastics are causing to humans.

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