Mental Health Is Improved For Those Who Avoid COVID-19 News

Mental Health Is Improved For Those Who Avoid COVID-19 News

A number of studies performed by Dutch researchers revealed that it was associated with the better mental health of individuals in the Netherlands to ignore the news during the epidemic. The outcomes of the research have been presented as follows in a report released in August in Digital Journalism entitled “News Avoidance in the Covid 19 Crisis: Understanding Information Overload.”

During the initial study, online panel surveys of 1635 individuals were done in the Netherlands. The respondents responded whether they believed the news on COVID-19 had them feel strong, emotive, overwhelmed, and bad on their mental health.

The identical questions were administered in the first four months of the epidemic at three different times. Three weeks after the original lock-out in Netherlands, the first phase of the survey took place in April 2020. After the reopening of primary schools, the second wave took place in May 2020. The third phase was concluded by the scientists in June, when public facilities and businesses reopened.

Simultaneously time, scientists performed a second study with 1,742 individuals. Respondents were asked if the news had been ignored or whether they had eaten more since the epidemic began. Scientists Researchers also asked individuals how often during the last four weeks they felt frightened, calm, dull, and joyful. Like the first study, the second study respondents were asked the identical question in three distinct periods of time.

“When people feel emotionally charged, have lost trust in news media, feel the need to ignore news and feel overloaded, they are avoiding the news more in the subsequent period,” explained the authors.

At the start of the epidemic, participants reported their news intake has grown and a wider range of news sources has also been available. News avoidance began to intensify, though, as the outbreak persisted.

The most prevalent cause for avoiding news is the feelings of impotence as well as the excess of knowledge. The researchers also discovered that younger individuals had a higher chance of avoiding the news.


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