Medical Expert Addresses 5 Cultural Viruses Infecting Society

Medical Expert Addresses 5 Cultural Viruses Infecting Society

Dr. Simon Goddek is addressing on his social media account the cultural viruses that are responsible for infecting our society. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Cultural viruses that infect society

The expert addresses 5 cultural viruses are infecting our society, corroding our values and contaminating our lifestyle:

1. Men are being feminized.

2. Women are being masculinized.

3. Children are being sexualized at an alarming rate.

4. Adults are being infantilized by design.

5. And worst of all, everyone is being systematically dumbed down.

“Despite the evident issues that can currently be observed everywhere, the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge them, let alone debate them. Therefore, it is up to us citizen journalists to challenge this “woke” agenda and stand up for our humane and traditional values. The plan to counter the current trend is as follows:

1. Promoting individual freedom and personal responsibility and opposing significant government interventions.

2. Critically informing about the state corruption (deep state, hunter’s laptop, Ukraine war), global corruption (WEF, WHO, biased media, Medical-industrial complex), gender- and climate cults, ‘artificial intelligence’, scientism, physical and mental health, Covid perpetrators, social conditioning, and the cancel culture movement.

3. Finally, it is important to expand our reach by connecting with others and growing our network. The more people are aware of us, the more people will listen to what we have to say and eventually wake up.”

Someone told the doctor, “I agree w/everything you wrote, except that individual freedom needs to be balanced w/valuing family, bc I see American individualism as having destroyed American families. Valuing our families & creating a community of interdependence will strengthen us against governmnt tyranny.”

There are a lot of people who are becoming more and more aware of all these subjects.

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