Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines Have This Effect – See What Just Happened

Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines Have This Effect – See What Just Happened

It’s been just revealed that the mandatory covid-19 vaccines had a more or less unexpected effect on the people from a famous company.

According to the latest reports, around 400 workers have walked off the job at Henry Ford Health System rather than take a required COVID-19 vaccine, the Detroit-based hospital system said just the other day. 

It’s been also reported that about 1,900 workers, however, got exemptions from the health system’s vaccine requirement.

The numbers revealed 

The workers who have left comprise about 1% of the workforce of 33,000 people, said Bob Riney who is the chief operating officer for the five-hospital chain.

“All things considered, we’re losing a very small segment of our workforce. I quite frankly wish that was zero, but it’s not,” Riney said at an afternoon news conference.

He continued and stated the following:

“But it’s a very small percentage, and our new-hire process is already offsetting the folks who declined to be vaccinated and resigned.”

Detroit Free Press noted that “Roughly 6% of the remaining workforce of 33,000 employees were granted religious or medical exemptions, he said. About 1,900 requests for exemptions have been granted.”

More than that, it’s been revealed that Riney said there were a few other workers whose vaccine-related issues remained unresolved as of Tuesday.


“At this moment, we’re still working through some cases and talking to some remaining noncompliant employees about their intentions,” he said.

Coronavirus in the news

The novel coronavirus has been making lots of headlines all year, and things are not getting any better, despite viable treatment and available vaccines.

The world is in the middle of the fourth covid wave, and people continue to freak out each time they check out the news. 

A famous person who has been making lots of headlines regarding Covid-related subjects is dr. Anthony Fauci. Check out what he recently had to say about the novel virus and the terrible disease that it can trigger. 

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