Lung Cancer Update: New Early Signs Discovery

Lung Cancer Update: New Early Signs Discovery

It’s been revealed that there are new discoveries made in lung cancer symptomatology. Check out the latest news about the subject below.

According to the latest reports, most patients don’t experience symptoms of this cancer until it’s advanced. But early signs of the disease may appear when radiologists are looking at some other problem.

Lung cancer update 

For example, it’s important to note that experts take 75 million CT scans in this country each year. They include the chest, and they can detect small spots in the lung, called lung nodules, that may be a subtle sign of trouble.

“So a patient may present to the emergency room with abdominal pain or chest pain or any other complaint that makes them get a scan which captures some imaging of the chest. And the imaging may detect some small spot or a nodule that could present as an opportunity to detect lung cancer early,” said Dr. Jasleen Pannu, according to the latest reports. 

The Ohio State University Cancer Center has started a program to flag these CT scans that show lung nodules for future study.

The notes make sure to highlight the fact that not all nodules are cancerous, but they should be investigated just in case.

Make sure to stay tuned for more news about the subject. 

Latest medical news – New diabetes treatment

Another medical breakthrough is shaking the world, and this time, it’s good news. Check out the latest discoveries regarding diabetes treatment below.

It’s been revealed that the US approval of a drug that can delay the onset of type 1 diabetes represents the “start of a seismic shift” in treating the condition, a British charity has said.

According to the official reports, “Teplizumab is a type of immunotherapy that works by tackling the root cause of diabetes rather than just its symptoms. The drug tells the immune system not to attack pancreatic cells which produce insulin. These are vital for controlling blood glucose levels.”

It’s also extremely important to note the fact that in type 1 diabetes, the pancreas no longer makes insulin, so people have to inject it to keep their blood sugar levels steady.

Today’s landmark approval of teplizumab in the US is the start of a seismic shift in how type 1 diabetes is treated.

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