Long COVID, Triggered By Low Iron Levels In The Blood

Long COVID, Triggered By Low Iron Levels In The Blood

New research has shown the fact that people who do not have normal iron levels in their blood due to a COVID-19 infection are seeing a significant risk of long COVID.

New study reveals issues related to low iron levels in the blood and long COVID

Accoridng to the latest reports, there is a new study that is showing issues with iron levels in the bloodstream that trigger chronic inflammation and more health issues related to the post-COVID phenomenon.

The results have appeared in the publication Nature Immunology on March 1. These are able to provide new ways to treat or even prevent the condition.

Experts working at the University of Cambridge have shown low iron as a potential link to long-COVID symptoms and this has been addressed via a study that they have initiated just following the start of the pandemic.

The researchers have recruited people who have tested positive for the virus in order to provide blood samples for analysis over a year – this has allowed the experts to look for post-infection changes in their blood.

Researchers from the university showed the stunning results in their studies.

Experts have looked at 214 samples, and they have been able to spot the fact that 45% of the patients have reported symptoms of long COVID – its symptomatology is between 3 and 10 months.

Regarding the analysis of blood samples, experts noted the fact that people who have experienced long COVID had very low iron levels – this is something that contributed to anemia and low red blood cell production following 2 weeks after they have been diagnosed with COVID 19.

Thiis is something that was found in patients regardless of their sex, age, and the clinical severity of the symptomatology that was present.

One of the study’s co-authors stated the fact that the removal of iron from the bloodstream is nothing but a natural process and the defense mechanism of the body. It’s also extremely important to note that this can endanger the recovery system of a person’s immune system.

You can also look at these results in the publication Nature Immunology. 

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