Long Covid Has More Than 200 Symptoms

Long Covid Has More Than 200 Symptoms

The novel coronavirus continues to make headlines these days. The Guardian is addressing long covid and its symptomatology.

The prestigious publication notes that the largest ever international study of people with long covid has found that there are more than 200 symptoms of the disease and called for experts to implement a national screening programme.

Analyzing the myriad symptoms of long covid 

It’s been reported that the study found the palette symptoms of long Covid – starting with brain fog and hallucinations and finishing with tremors and tinnitus – spanned 10 of the body’s organ systems.

According to the official reports, a third of the symptoms continued to affect patients for at least six months.

It’s been also revealed that there’s a national screening programme that would help produce a better understanding of the number of people who are affected and the kind of support they would need, the researchers said.

It seems that experts also called for the clinical guidelines for assessing patients who suffer from suspected long Covid to be widened beyond cardiovascular and lung-function tests.

“A lot of post-Covid clinics in the UK have focused on respiratory rehabilitation. It’s true that a lot of people have shortness of breath, but they also have a lot of other problems and types of symptoms that the clinics need to provide a more holistic approach to.”

This is what Athena Akrami, a neuroscientist at University College London and senior author of the study, recently said.

Check out the complete article posted by The Guardian in order to learn more details about the whole issue.

Coronavirus in the news

The novel virus has been making headlines for more than a year now, and the problems seem to be here to stay, regardless of the viable treatments and vaccines that have been already created in order to try and put an end to the pandemic. 

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Just the other day, it’s been revealed that there are some problems involving a cruise ship in Singapore.

One of the worst places that you could be in when there’s an outbreak is a cruise ship, that’s for sure. This is what happened to a Singapore ship these days, according to the latest reports. Check out the complete details below.

Reuters press agency just noted that there’s a Genting Cruise Lines’ ship on a “cruise to nowhere”, which has returned to Singapore. This took place right after a passenger was suspected of having contracted COVID-19, and the nearly 3,000 passengers and crew on board have been confined to their cabins.

Check out more details in our previous article.

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