LeBron James Explained The Reasons For Which He Got The Covid 19 Vaccine

LeBron James Explained The Reasons For Which He Got The Covid 19 Vaccine

Following the latest reports claiming that LeBron James’ son, had a cardiac arrest, his dad explains to the media the reasons for which he chose to get the covid 19 vaccine. Check out the latest reports about this below.

LeBron James addresses the covid vaccine

Lakers star LeBron James confirmed that he had received the vaccine.

“I know that for me I can speak about myself,” James said. “I think everyone has their own choice to do what they feel is right for themselves and their family, and things of that nature. I know that I was very [skeptical] about it all, but after doing my research, and things of that nature, I felt like it was best suited for not only me but for my family and for my friends, and that’s why I decided to do it.”

According to Lakers’ basketball operations president, Rob Pelinka, every player on the team’s roster is expected to be fully vaccinated by their first game on Oct. 19. Forward Anthony Davis mentioned on Tuesday that he believes all players on the team have already been vaccinated, but he’s not entirely sure.

“I personally did it for my family,” Davis said Tuesday.

“I just wanted to make sure I would always protect my family, and that was first and foremost, and myself and everyone else around me,” Davis added. “And I feel like everyone on the team feels the same way.”

James’s explanation comes as a number of players around the league shared their thoughts about the vaccine at media days this week.


Bradley Beal, the Wizards’ star, has stated that he has not been vaccinated due to personal reasons. Beal believes that every individual has the right to make their own decision regarding vaccinations. However, he would like an explanation as to why people who have been vaccinated are still contracting COVID-19. Beal finds it amusing that although vaccinations only reduce the likelihood of hospitalization, they do not eliminate the possibility of contracting the virus. Beal assumes that everyone present has been vaccinated, but he also believes that being vaccinated does not guarantee immunity from COVID-19.

Kyrie Irving, a guard for the Nets, declined to comment on his current status. However, he may be unable to attend home games due to New York’s regulation that mandates individuals must be fully vaccinated to enter indoor entertainment venues. Irving did not attend the Nets’ in-person Media Day, but he participated in a virtual session via Zoom.

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