Just In: This Zoo Is Vaccinating Animals Against Covid 19

Just In: This Zoo Is Vaccinating Animals Against Covid 19

As you probably know by now, covid vaccines have been a top subject all over the news for a while now. They already have lots of supporters, but they are also feared due to their potential side effects. 

Now, it seems that the subject also includes animals as well. 

Here’s a piece of pretty unexpected information that just came in. More important outlets have revealed that animals are vaccinated against the disease as well.

Animals are being vaccinated against covid 19 as well

The process is now underway to vaccinate more than 100 animals against COVID-19 at the Philadelphia Zoo, 6ABC.com notes. 
According to the reports mentioned in the online publication, the animal team began the vaccination process this week with a focus on higher-risk animals to begin.

“Gorillas, orangutans, smaller monkeys,” said Dr. Keith Hinshaw, director of animal health at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Hinshaw also made sure to point out the fact that the meat-eating animals are also among the first on the list that needs to be vaccinated.
“The carnivores would be the big cats, our maned wolf, otters, bears, and animals in that family,” Hinshaw added.

Another issue that is worth noting is the fact that lots of the animals are accustomed to receiving annual vaccination shots, according to Hinshaw.

“This isn’t really much different for them, but obviously, it’s a pretty exciting time for us. We’re not out of the woods by any means, but it is a step forward that we’ve been waiting for, for a long time.”

He also said that the animals will be given a vaccine made by Zoetis. It’s administered in two doses, according to the reports. 
Along with the covid vaccines, the vaccines boosters are also in the news. 

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