Just In: Cancer Is A Man-Made Disease, New Study Claims

Just In: Cancer Is A Man-Made Disease, New Study Claims

It’s been just revealed that according to the latest reports, it seems that cancer is a man-made disease. It looks like what more people have been saying for a while now turns out to be true. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Cancer seems to be man-made 

LiveScience notes the fact that the common nature of cancer worldwide purely could be a man-made phenomenon. That is what some researchers now suggest.

Still, other specialists in cancer and in human fossils have strong doubts about this notion.

“Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for roughly one in eight of all deaths in 2004, according to the World Health Organization. However, scientists have only found one case of the disease in investigations of hundreds of Egyptian mummies, researcher Rosalie David at the University of Manchester in England said in a statement.”

The rarity of cancer in mummies suggests it was scarce in antiquity and “that cancer-causing factors are limited to societies affected by modern industrialization,” researcher Michael Zimmerman at Villanova University in Pennsylvania said in a statement. “In an ancient society lacking surgical intervention, evidence of cancer should remain in all cases.”

Zimmerman was the first to diagnose cancer in an Egyptian mummy by analyzing its tissues on a microscopic level, identifying rectal cancer in an unnamed mummy who had lived in the Dakhleh Oasis during the Ptolemaic period 1,600 to 1,800 years ago.

Our healthcare in the news

In other news, it’s been reported that the spike protein causes neurological injuries. Check out the latest reports as they have been revealed not too long ago.

The terrible spike protein effects

According to new reports, it seems that there is a new paper from Germany posted on April 5, 2023 proves that the spike protein accumulates in the brain and causes death of brain cells (which would certainly explain a great deal of what we see around us). (click here)

Key findings:
“Our results revealed the accumulation of the spike protein in the skull marrow, brain meninges, and brain parenchyma.”

“The injection of the spike protein alone caused cell death in the brain, highlighting a direct effect on brain tissue.”

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