Is a gastric balloon a good non-surgical weight loss solution?

Is a gastric balloon a good non-surgical weight loss solution?

Yes, a gastric balloon is a good solution if you want to lose weight without any surgical procedure. Also, a gastric balloon doesn’t require incisions or the transmission of blood.

Interestingly, you can go home the same day after a gastric balloon procedure, compared to undergoing weight loss surgical procedures. Furthermore, the side effects, if any, are lessened with the gastric balloon. Moreover, consultants often suggest a gastric balloon procedure before embarking on weight loss surgery.

How gastric balloon works?

If you don’t understand how the gastric balloon procedure works, you may become scared. The gastric balloon is a silicone balloon, and it is inserted into the patient’s stomach. Unlike weight loss surgery procedures, the gastric balloon is inserted through your mouth and filled with liquid or air.

The aim of the balloon is to make you feel full and reduce the amount of food you consume. One of the best ways to lose weight is to reduce the amount of food you consume.

Compared to other weight-loss procedures, inserting a gastric balloon takes less than 30 minutes. Also, a gastric balloon can remain in the stomach for at least six months. Removing the gastric balloon doesn’t take a lot of time, either. Don’t be afraid; the gastric balloon can not be passed out with stool.

However, when the gastric balloon is removed from your stomach, your appetite will go back to normal. Therefore, to maintain weight loss achievements, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Besides, a new gastric balloon can be reinserted into your stomach.

Why should I opt for a gastric balloon?

A few of the benefits of gastric balloon insertion into the stomach. A gastric balloon has been proven to be effective, according to various agencies, including the FDA. Also, gastric balloons are a safer weight loss procedure compared to others.

The patients may experience some side effects after the insertion of a gastric balloon, but they don’t last more than a few days. The record of fatalities regarding gastric balloons is very low or even non-existent. Also, the gastric balloon procedure doesn’t take so much. Even the procedure to remove the gastric balloon doesn’t take long.

Nevertheless, your consultant will let you know whether a gastric balloon procedure is suitable for you or not. Based on the effectiveness of a gastric balloon, some consultants recommend it before carrying out weight loss surgery.


Whether you opt for a gastric balloon procedure or not, eating healthy is vital. Remember, a gastric balloon can only last for six months, and when it is removed, the stomach will go back to normal. Therefore, you need to change your lifestyle and embrace healthy living. Finally, reach out to a health consultant to evaluate your Body Max Index (BMI) and determine if a gastric procedure will be suitable for you. Besides, a gastric balloon is not as expensive as undergoing weight loss surgery. If you’re wondering where I can find a balloon to weight loss near me, the answer is Spatz Medical.


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