Inmates Sue Jail for Using Ivermectin as Medical Experiment in Trying to Treat COVID

Inmates Sue Jail for Using Ivermectin as Medical Experiment in Trying to Treat COVID

Luckily, the world has plenty of drugs for treating patients who suffer from COVID. At the start of the pandemic, doctors didn’t have too many ideas for how to treat COVID, but the situation improved. Unfortunately, there are also drugs that aren’t efficient against the coronavirus, despite the fact that some public voices are adding some faith on their usage.

Things can be a bit complicated when it comes to ivermectin. According to The Guardian, four prisoners from a jail in the American state of Arkansas have filed a lawsuit against the doctor of the facility because they had been allegedly prescribed ivermectin to treat COVID. 

The jail physician has allegedly told the inmates that the drugs were vitamins, antibiotics, and/or steroids

The inmates are accusing that they were prescribed ivermectin without their knowledge and as a form of “medical experimentation”. Furthermore, the physician of the jail told them that he was giving them something totally different: vitamins, antibiotics, and/or steroids.

Health officials warned that ivermectin shouldn’t be used for such kinds of purposes like the inmates were receiving it.

The following official statement is relevant enough:

The lawsuit charges the defendants for administering ivermectin to incarcerated individuals without prior informed consent as to the nature, contents, or potential side effects of the drug.

Gary Gullivan, who’s legal director at ACLU of Arkansas, declared as quoted by The Guardian:

No one – including incarcerated individuals – should be deceived and subject to medical experimentation. Sheriff Helder has a responsibility to provide food, shelter, and safe, appropriate care to incarcerated individuals.

The lawsuit said, as cited by the same source:

Plaintiffs ingested incredibly high doses of a drug that credible medical professionals, the FDA, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all agree is not an effective treatment against Covid-19, and that if given in large doses is dangerous for humans.

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