Iceland Just Banned Covid Shots amid Rising Sudden Deaths

Iceland Just Banned Covid Shots amid Rising Sudden Deaths

UPDATE: More fact-checkers have denied the ban of Covid shots in Iceland, motivating this by stating that Iceland’s chief epidemiologist said that the country has “not banned COVID-19 vaccines”, and there have not been “soaring sudden deaths”. He further added that there is a seasonal vaccination campaign in progress, and COVID-19 vaccinations are available.

The article contains info and a screenshot from the Icelandic publication stating the fact that the COVID shots would have been no longer available. 


It has been just revealed the fact that Iceland has banned the COVID shots amidst the rising deaths. Check out the latest reports about the matter below.

Iceland bans COVID shots

As an increasing number of reports emerge regarding excess deaths, strokes, blood clots, sudden cardiac arrests, and other “unexplained” health issues following the administration of Covid mRNA shots, the government of Iceland has taken a decisive step to ban the use of such vaccines in the country. In early October, a conference entitled “Let the Science Speak” was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, where speakers discussed the harms associated with COVID-19 vaccines, as well as the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) power grab.

YouTube video

Among the six speakers at the conference was Sasha Latypova. Six weeks after the event, Latypova was informed by the conference organisers that the Icelandic government had allegedly announced that COVID-19 vaccines would no longer be available in Iceland from the following week.

“There were 200+ people in a packed conference room [in Iceland], and 300+ more on live stream,” Latypova said when writing about the event a couple of weeks later.

“This was a large attendance for a live event in Iceland on a topic that is heavily censored …”

The notes continued and said the following:

“Even the state media showed up briefly (probably to film everyone who attended for future surveillance). No matter.”

The translated text above states:

“Since October 18, vaccinations against covid and influenza have been available for people aged 60 and over and people with underlying diseases, but Ragnheiður says the attendance has been moderate.

Next week, the public will be able to get an influenza vaccination at the health center, but not covid vaccination at the moment.”

The notes above are according to Sasha Latypova who is a former pharmaceutical industry executive and entrepreneur.

Covid conference in Romania

It seems that justice is coming for those who have harmed the world during the past few years. Robert Malone has been invited in Romania at the International Crisis Summit in Bucharest.

Here’s what Malone writes on social media.

“Christian Terhes, Member of the European Parliament and The Christian Democratic National Peasants’ Party (Romanian: Partidul Național Țărănesc Creștin Democrat), delivered a riveting speech at the opening of the second day of testimony at the International Crisis Summit in Bucharest.”

He continued and said the following:

“Christian played a key role in enabling both the ICS III at the European Parliament, and ICS IV in Bucharest. He is another of the new breed of activist politicians rising up throughout the world in opposition to globalist “new world order” and “Great Reset” plans. Provided as a native video in “X” to reduce censorship, shadow banning, and improve reach.”

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