Hubble Back On Track: Full Science Observations And New Images Are Out

Hubble Back On Track: Full Science Observations And New Images Are Out

The Hubble telescope had a tough month and it’s been dealing with all kinds of tech issues. Now, we’ve been announced that everything is working completely fine again. writes that the Hubble telescope is back in business and it explores the universe again.

All instruments are back to full operation and the anomaly that suspended the telescope’s activity is nothing but a mere memory now.

The same notes reveal that the science observations restarted the afternoon of Saturday, July 17.

New images of unusual galaxies are out 

The telescope’s targets this past weekend included the unusual galaxies which are shown in the original article here. 

“I’m thrilled to see that Hubble has its eye back on the universe, once again capturing the kind of images that have intrigued and inspired us for decades,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

He continued and said:

“This is a moment to celebrate the success of a team truly dedicated to the mission. Through their efforts, Hubble will continue its 32nd year of discovery, and we will continue to learn from the observatory’s transformational vision.”

These snapshots are taken from a program led by Julianne Dalcanton of the University of Washington in Seattle, and they feature a galaxy with unusual extended spiral arms.

More than gthat, there are also the first high-resolution glimpse at an intriguing pair of colliding galaxies.

“Other initial targets for Hubble included globular star clusters and aurorae on the giant planet Jupiter,” the offiicial notes said.

“The switch required 15 hours of spacecraft commanding from the ground. The main computer had to be turned off, and a backup safe mode computer temporarily took over the spacecraft. Several boxes also had to be powered on that were never turned on before in space, and other hardware needed their interfaces switched.”

This is what said Jim Jeletic, Hubble deputy project manager at Goddard.

YouTube video

We suggest that you check out the video above in roder to learn all the details regarding what had happened dyring the past month.

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