How to Manage SAD Symptoms in Winter

How to Manage SAD Symptoms in Winter

Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is a common mental health condition experienced during the winter months. It’s thought that low-light levels and lack of melatonin production cause anxiety and depression in some people. Here is how you can respond.

Use a Lightbox

One of the major factors in seasonal affective disorder is the lack of sunlight in the system; this reduces the amount of melatonin produced and affects sleep patterns. When your sleep patterns are disrupted, it can affect your mental health and contribute to feelings of depression.

Using a lightbox is thought to help. In the morning, when it’s still dark outside, you can set up a lightbox for thirty minutes and allow the high lux levels to stimulate melatonin production. This simple change in your daily routine can improve your circadian rhythms and your mental health.

Use CBD Products

CBD products in the form of gummies, teas, and oils are perfect for supporting your wellbeing in the winter. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that CBD can reduce the symptoms of anxiety in all forms, as well as depression, thanks to having endocannabinoids in the system. 

CBD products are safe and convenient to buy, but not everyone chooses them; some people prefer smoking cannabis instead. Smoking cannabis has pros and cons, but one of the downsides is the smell it produces in the home. Use a cannabis odor eliminator to change it.

Stay Active

Staying active in the winter is one of the best things you can do if you experience the symptoms of SAD. The human body has evolved to be used, and staying active produces a number of chemicals and hormones in the brain to support your health and wellbeing. So find a routine.

Of course, it can be harder to stay active in the winter months; it’s cold outside, the streets are covered with ice, and you might not have the right training equipment for the season. Still, there are warm and easy ways to stay active, like home workouts and seasonal gym memberships.

Social Vitamins

Don’t underestimate the importance of connection in the winter months. Some people, especially introverts and people with vulnerabilities, can easily slip into a state of isolation, thinking they are fine when in fact, their mental health has taken a turn for the worse.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to connect with people nowadays to stay healthy and connected. Thanks to the internet and digital platforms, isolated people can connect with like-minded communities worldwide from the comfort of their homes over the winter season.

Special Treatments

If you are feeling a little under the weather, so to speak, it’s a good idea to work in the other direction and look for ways to improve your wellness. Why not prop yourself up with a special wellness treatment in winter, such as an aromatherapy massage, a skin care treatment, or an Ayurveda treatment that brings you back to your best, allowing you to enjoy the season more?    


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