Healthcare Workers With Long Covid Are Dismissed

Healthcare Workers With Long Covid Are Dismissed

Long covid is a condition that’s been making headlines during this pandemic a lot. Now, The Atlantic wrote a story about a physical associate who spent her days diagnosing and treating people.

She then got infected and she turned to her own colleagues for the very same care. 

“At first,” she said, “I felt a kinship with them.”

The article noted, “But when her tests started coming back negative, her doctors began telling her that her symptoms—daily migraines, unrelenting vertigo, tinnitus, severe crashes after mild activity—were just in her head.”

Long covid diagnosis 

The same publication noted that when she went to the emergency room because half her body had gone numb, the ER doctor offered to book her an appointment with a counselor.

Another doctor told her to try removing her IUD, because, she remembers him saying, “hormones do funny things to women.”

When she asked her neurologist for more tests, he said that her medical background had already earned her “more testing than I was entitled to,” she told the article’s author. She had long covid, just like a lot of patients that she had previously treated. 


It’s been also reported that for other medically trained long-haulers, the skepticism of their peers as “been absolutely shattering,” says Clare Rayner, an occupational physician who is part of a Facebook group of about 1,400 British long-haulers who work in health care.

“That people in their own profession would treat them like this has led to a massive breakdown in trust.” 

Head over to the original article in order to learn more news about all this. 

Covid 19 affects financial aspects 

The other day we were reporting that the payments stocks are also affected by the surge of covid 19, the disease triggered by the novel coronavirus that managed to change the world.

This has raised fears with the reintroduction of massive lockdowns and the end result could be a sharp decline in consumer activity.


Barrons. com notes the following in their relevant article:

“In the credit card space, Visa stock (ticker: V) fell 2.6% during Monday’s session and trading around flat on Tuesday. Mastercard (MA) declined 5.4% Monday but ticked up 0.2% Tuesday, while American Express (AXP) slipped 1.5% Monday and was down a further 1.5% on Tuesday.”

Stay tuned for more coronavirus-related news and make sure to remain safe, you and your loved ones. 

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