Hair Loss And Health – Treatment And Prevention

Hair Loss And Health – Treatment And Prevention

You probably know by now that most of the time, hair loss means the fact that something is wrong with our health. Check out the latest reports about what this means and how we can prevent hair loss.

Hair loss and health

Many people have noticed that their hair turns gray unexpectedly when they are going through high psychological stress, physical weakness, illness, or disrupted daily routines.

This could be a warning sign that there are underlying issues in their body. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind premature graying of hair, and the methods for its treatment and prevention.

Each strand of hair comes out of a hair follicle, which has a hair bulb at its base. The hair bulb consists of the dermal papilla and hair matrix. The dermal papilla controls the number of matrix cells, which determines the hair length. It also has capillaries that provide nutrients to the hair.

The hair matrix contains melanocytes, which are responsible for hair pigmentation. In the middle of the follicle, there are sebaceous glands that secrete oils to nourish both the hair and scalp.

When the blood supply from the capillaries located at the base of the hair follicle is insufficient or when the sebaceous glands produce excessive oil, it can result in clogged pores and inflammation.

This, in turn, can cause the hair bulb to shrink, leading to hair loss. Conversely, inadequate melanocytes in the hair matrix can cause the development of gray hair.

Hair loss is often associated with various factors such as genetics, stress, illness, hormones, nutrition, and dietary habits. These are considered the leading causes of hair loss.


Diffused hair loss can be caused by insufficient qi and blood, liver and kidney essence, blood deficiency, and local blood stasis.

To treat this issue, one can use formulas such as Shiquan Dabu Tang, Renshen Yangrong Tang, Qibao Meiran Dan, and Tongqiao Huoxue Tang.

These formulas help nourish qi and blood, tonify liver and kidney essence and blood, promote blood circulation, and remove stasis.

The seven-star needle, also known as the plum-blossom needle, can be used to tap on the affected area of the scalp.

This technique helps activate local qi and blood circulation, stimulate metabolism, and accelerate hair growth, especially for issues like receding hairlines and alopecia areata.

To ensure the activation and strength of our hair, it is essential to provide it with an adequate supply of nutrients, particularly the following five essential nutrients: iron, protein, vitamin B, C, and zinc.

Haircare Techniques

1. Massaging the Scalp With Infused-Alcohol
2. Combing the Hair With 10 Fingers

Make sure to take good care of hair in order to avoid damaging its health.

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