Greenpeace Co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore, on Net Zero: “It’s Mass Suicide”

Greenpeace Co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore, on Net Zero: “It’s Mass Suicide”

The Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore, has something extremely important to say about net zero. He states that this is mass suicide. Check out the latest details about the matter below.

Net Zero is mass suicide

Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore, on Net Zero/the Green New Deal: “It’s a recipe for mass suicide”.

“Why would anyone vote for something that was going to result in the death of nearly all humans on Earth?”

“It would basically begin a process of cannibalisation amongst the human species, because the food could not be delivered to the stores in the middle of the cities anymore.”

Someone commented: “Geo-engineering is the real name for climate change. The result is already killing forests. It is melting the polar ice caps. And it is causing the sea to heat because they are sealing off certain areas. The end result will be an uninhabitable earth for humans. It has been escalating since the 1940s.”

It is also important that we note the fact that Net zero is not possible, and governments thinking otherwise are kidding themselves. Western societies are slowly destroying our way of life due to unrealistic policies with the climate change narrative to achieve net zero.

Not too long ago, we revealed the fact that there’s a massive imaginary battle between the NWO and climate change. Anyone who has a little critical thinking knows by now that climate change is something that can only be influenced in a significant way by the Sun, nothing more. Anyway, check out the latest measures that the NWO wants to take in order to tackle climate change.

Fighting climate change by seizing private property

The idea of achieving net-zero carbon emissions, which involves covering vast areas of American land with wind turbines and solar panels, is facing a challenge due to the fact that most of the land in America is still privately owned.

Many Americans are also opposed to having these large industrial installations near their homes. However, this issue may be temporary and could be resolved in the future.

Check out more details about this in our previous article.

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