Georgia Restaurant Denies Service For Unvaccinated People After Breakthrough COVID Infections

Georgia Restaurant Denies Service For Unvaccinated People After Breakthrough COVID Infections

A restaurant owner from Atlanta, Georgia, made the bold decision of only serving fully vaccinated customers.

The restaurant announced to the public via Instagram by uploading a photo with a “No Vax, No Service” sign.


The restaurant owner aims to keep the spread of the virus inside the establishment under control to protect working staff.

Armando Celentano, a co-owner of the establishment, said that the decision came after three of his employees got tested positive for the coronavirus even though they had been fully vaccinated.

“It is a question of quality of life and safety for my staff and guests,” Celentano told the outlet. “It’s a privately owned, small business and I have to do what I think is right to protect the people who rely on me to make a living,” Celentano said.

The vaccination situation in Georgia doesn’t look particularly impressive, as only 38% of the state’s people are fully vaccinated, a New York Times report shows.

The more contagious Delta variant became the most widespread coronavirus strain in the country. It spells bad news for everybody, as vaccinated people are not entirely immune either and can still get infected with COVID-19.

A CDC statement explained that COVID-19 vaccines are a crucial tool in the fight against the pandemic. Still, no vaccine is 100% effective at preventing illness, as there will be a tiny percentage of completely vaccinated people who will get sick, hospitalized and potentially die from COVID-19.

Despite some public backlash, Celentano said that he had no problems questioning customers if they are fully vaccinated.

He explained that it is a similar requirement to the “No shoes, no shirt, no service” saying.


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