Florida County Residents to Wear Masks Indoors Even If Vaccinated

Florida County Residents to Wear Masks Indoors Even If Vaccinated

Jerry Demings recommends residents of Orange County to wear face masks, even if some are fully vaccinated. This recommendation can soon become mandatory as COVID-19 infection rates go up in Florida. The mayor announced for local media that the decision comes after CDC statistics showed that Orange County is in the high-risk category for community transmission. 

Indoors masks can soon become mandatory in Florida.

Demings also talked about the importance of wearing masks in indoor and crowded places and that these recommendations should also be followed by fully vaccinated residents. Health officials back up the mayor and announce that, although most new infection cases are among unvaccinated people, the recommendation is an excellent way of protecting ourselves. The COVID-19 Delta strain has been spreading across the U.S, and scientists already determined it has a higher transmissibility rate, and it infects fully vaccinated people. However, fully vaccinated people have fewer chances of getting the virus, and if they do, they will have mild cases. 

Florida’s vaccination campaign

Since the vaccination campaign started in the U.S, only 59.69 % of Florida’s residents have been vaccinated, with at least one dose. The Florida Department of Health In Orange County remains quite active on social media and encourages people 12 and older to go and get their Covid-19 vaccine. Although the vaccination rate is almost 60%, Florida needs at least 70% of its residents vaccinated to reach the vaccination goal and stop community transmission and outbreaks. 

General advice from the Florida Department of Health

The health officials in Florida mention on their website that older adults with co-morbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases have a higher risk of developing a severe case of COVID-19 infection. Those interested in getting the vaccine can make an appointment. 

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