Flash Radiotherapy: CERN Addresses Particle Accelerators To Treat Cancer

Flash Radiotherapy: CERN Addresses Particle Accelerators To Treat Cancer

CERN has just dropped an extremely interesting message via X. They are talking about curing cancers with particle accelerators. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Flash Radiotherapy addressed by CERN

The message posted by CERN reads, “CERN, the@CHUVLausanne and THERYQ are developing an innovative radiotherapy facility to treat cancer based on #CERN’s breakthrough accelerator technology. The facility will deliver ultra-high doses of radiation from very-high-energy electrons (VHEE) in times of the order of milliseconds. The goal is to exploit the so-called FLASH effect, where very intense radiation doses administered very quickly appear to damage tumours while strongly minimising harmful side-effects. This pioneering installation will be based on the high-gradient accelerator technology developed for the proposed Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) electron–positron collider.”

Based on the information available on the official website, particle physics research has contributed to the discovery of many innovative applications in the medical field.

One noteworthy example is the use of very high-energy electrons (VHEE) for a cutting-edge radiotherapy technique known as FLASH radiotherapy.

This highly targeted treatment for cancer can penetrate deep into the patient’s body with fewer side effects than conventional radiotherapy.

CERN and Switzerland’s Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) announced their partnership in September 2020 to develop the conceptual design of a revolutionary radiotherapy facility.

The facility aims to deliver high radiation doses in milliseconds, as opposed to minutes, in order to leverage the FLASH effect.

This effect is said to damage tumours more than healthy tissue when radiation doses are administered over short time frames, thereby reducing harmful side-effects. Check out more in the original notes in order to learn all the details available about this.

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