Federal Judge Uphelds Decision To Mandate The COVID-19 Vaccine For Staff At A Hospital

Federal Judge Uphelds Decision To Mandate The COVID-19 Vaccine For Staff At A Hospital

On Friday, a Kentucky federal judge from Kentucky allowed COVID-19 vaccination mandate for the hospital system and ruled that such a demand was authorized by the institution. U.S. District Judge David Bunning dismissed a plea by St. Elizabeth Healthcare staff for temporary prohibition in a 20page decision.

Bunning’s judgment was based on the Jacobson v. Massachusetts Supreme Court case of 1905, which authorized the town of Cambridge to order vaccines during the pandemic of smallpox.

“Jacobson and its holding have not been overturned by the Supreme Court, and this Court will thus abide by it and its principles. Actual liberty for all of us cannot exist where individual liberties override potential injury done to others,” explained Bunning.

Personnel in various areas from Kentucky, Indiana, and in the Greater Cincinnati districts of St Elizabeth Healthcare sued this month alleging that the requirement violated their constitutionally protected rights. The healthcare system requires vaccinations for employees or a health or religious exception application by Oct. 1. If the mission is not fulfilled, it may lead to termination.

According to the judge, the complainants have clearly stated that they question the effectiveness and safety of the vaccinations against Coronavirus. They also expressed medical specialists’ thoughts, who hold the same concerns. However, doubts cannot outweigh the law recognizing the right of the defendant to fix terms of employment.

The decision comes as the newest hotspot in the pandemic becomes the vaccination mandate, as the United States battles with a spike in infection fuelled by the fast-growing delta strain. At the beginning of the month, President Joe Biden demanded vaccinations or weekly testing from companies with at least 100 workers. Biden argued that unvaccinated people hamper economic progress, cost employment and impair the health system unnecessarily.

Pfizer and BioNTech’s booster injections have been authorized to be distributed to almost 60 million Americans by the CDC.

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