Fasting, A Cure For The Spike Protein

Fasting, A Cure For The Spike Protein

More and more miraculous cures for the harms that have been done via the covid vaccines are getting out. Check out the latest one below.

It’s been just reported the fact that there are a lot of doctors treating long COVID and COVID vaccine injuries who are now suggesting that fasting as a potential therapy for overall symptom improvement. However, this therapeutic approach may also benefit individuals without these specific ailments.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, fasting was primarily associated with metabolic diseases, with several doctors recommending it for weight loss and diabetes management.

According to the Epoch Times, there are some recent studies that have revealed that fasting offers a multitude of advantages beyond weight loss, including reducing inflammation and boosting immunity, enhancing cognitive function, and potentially lowering the risk of cancer.

The same important publication notes the fact that although there is no concrete evidence supporting the notion of “starving a cold,” Dr. Jason Fung, a nephrologist and fasting expert, suggests that fasting may tap into the body’s innate wisdom, depriving viruses and bacteria of nutrients to aid in fighting off a cold.

“While the effectiveness of fasting to treat colds remains unproven, it offers numerous immune-related benefits beyond its potential impact on illness recovery.”

Covid vaccines in the news 

It seems that the covid vaccines are these days seen as poisoning spike protein bioweapons and the people who took them as victims. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Here is an important tweet that has been shared that sheds more light on this issue:

Someone commented: “My daughter ended up getting an emergency blood transfusion. She has had high blood pressure since that time. Is the blood supply tainted with the experimental injection?”

Another follower said: “yes, entire US blood supply is likely contaminated by the Spike Protein bioweapon poison.”

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