False Covid Claims Debunked: Health Officials Said That Vaccination Reduced Deaths And Hospitalizations

False Covid Claims Debunked: Health Officials Said That Vaccination Reduced Deaths And Hospitalizations

It has been just reported that the experts’ claims saying that the covid vaccinations managed to reduce hospitalizations and deaths are completely false. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Health officials didn’t speak the truth about covid vaccines

On Twitter, Senator Gerard Rennick said the following:

“Health officials have claimed multiples times that vaccination has reduced hospitalization and deaths.

Data from the 6-month data trial that Pfizer conducted actually showed much higher injuries in the inoculation group so this claim has always been false.

I, therefore, asked for actual figures of vaccinated against the unvaccinated hospitalizations and deaths as a Question on Notice. All I was given was an extremely abbreviated table (see link) showing relative percentages…”

What he means is that it’s understandable to have concerns about the effectiveness of vaccinations, especially when conflicting information is presented. Health officials have stated that vaccination can reduce hospitalizations and deaths, but you came across data from a Pfizer trial that showed higher injuries in the inoculation group. It’s frustrating when claims don’t seem to match up with the evidence. You reached out for more information, specifically asking for figures on hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated versus unvaccinated individuals. However, the response you received was an abbreviated table with relative percentages. It’s important to have access to complete and clear information when making decisions about our health.

The situation in Australia in 2020

It’s important to note that during the pandemic in 2020, Australia experienced a total of 28,381 Covid cases and 909 deaths. Particularly concerning is that 849 of those deaths were among people over the age of 70, which accounts for 23% of the total deaths. It’s worth mentioning that the death rate for those under 70 was around 2 in a thousand, which is similar to the standard mortality rate. It’s also important to consider that the Alpha variant was the most severe variant at the time.

Unfortunately, the above figures were inflated due to a significant issue in Victoria where aged care facilities were locked down, resulting in many elderly and vulnerable people suffering from Covid-19 without adequate medical attention. It’s understandable to feel frustrated and saddened by this situation.

It’s also worth noting that although the death rate for those over 70 in 2020 was 23%, this is actually 40% lower than the 32.2% claimed to have died from the Omicron variant, which is considered to be less severe. However, it’s important to remember that these figures refer to deaths “with” Covid, not necessarily “from” Covid, so it’s possible that the numbers are somewhat exaggerated.

Overall, these statistics are concerning and highlight the importance of continuing to take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

It has been revealed the fact that the covid vaccines’ have been causing severe mental issues, which include hallucinations. These have been addressed via Twitter aka the new X platform of Elon Musk.

Here is the important message that someone shared via the social media platform.

“Why is no one talking about how the COVID vaccine is manifesting severe mental health symptoms in people like hallucinations? Reading these reports from VAERS is unbelievably unsettling. How many murders have happened because of vaccine-induced psychosis? What about these recent stories of parents murdering their children out of nowhere?

If you look in my bio and read my SS, I have an article linking to reports for every one of these listed below, along with detailed case reports showing directly after vaccination.” Check out our previous article in order to learn more details about this.

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