Experts Release New Pfizer-Related Warning

Experts Release New Pfizer-Related Warning

The coronavirus vaccines remain in the spotlight. Now, it’s been revealed that experts have something important to say to patients who have gotten the Pfizer vaccine. Check out the latest reports coming from CNN below.

People’s immunity following the Pfizer vaccine 

It’s been just reported that people’s immunity starts to wane just months after they finish the two-dose series of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

As we already reported by now, getting two doses of vaccine creates a strong immune response that reduces the risk of severe disease by more than 90%, according to official notes.

On the other hand, it’s also important to note the fact that the protection against milder and asymptomatic infections drops off gradually.
This is the reason for which Pfizer has asked for and received US FDA authorization to add boosters for many people who are six months out from vaccination.

Should you get the covid booster vaccine?

CNN mentioned a popular question that a lot of patients are asking about booster vaccines: should they get these as well? 

“I think that we expect that immunity will slowly wane over time, but it’s not a reason for people to panic.

This is what Dr. Ann Falsey, a specialist in viral respiratory diseases at the University of Rochester School of Medicine recently said.


She continued and explained the following: 

“It’s not like suddenly one day you’re completely susceptible, like you were before you were vaccinated.”

She also told CNN this:

“The vaccines are all standing up pretty well — Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — for severe disease.”

She also said that we might be getting to a point in which people will have to get the booster vaccines in order to prevent more severe illnesses. 

But for now, she also said that “the majority of the breakthrough infections are colds, maybe flu-like illness — not the scary illnesses that we were facing before.”

Anyway, all in all, experts continue to advise the remaining unvaccinated people to get the shots and to make sure to maintain social distance and other preventative measures in order to combat the pandemic. 

The whole world is in the middle of the fourth wave and we must make sure to remain as safe as possible. 

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9 thoughts on “Experts Release New Pfizer-Related Warning

    1. You realize you’ll have to continue this for the rest of your life? Every year they’ll be a new variant and a new Shot. We have a great immune system that’s far better then any shot. In fact people who got Sars actually immunity is still strong against it 10 years later.

  1. I had the Pfizer vaccine Dec And Jan. 9 month later I had my immunity check and I had no immunity. I got the booster 9-27-21. My message is 8-9 months is too long to wait for a booster.

  2. I got my booster on 10/3/21, to right now on 10/11/21 I feel fine. I’m 78 years old with no known illness, I recommend to take the shot, the benefits out weigh the risks.

  3. I got my vaccine Pfizer in April. Never had hives now I am breaking out with hives every day my back is always on fire. Never had this problem till after I got vaccinated. Been to doctors and they don’t know what to do give me allergy medicine but I’m not helping

  4. I had hives in the past and what worked for me when I had it really bad was a round of oral Prednisone……then if that didn’t completely work ….I was then put on hydroxyzine…which I took at bedtime as it can make you drowsy …then during the day I took Claritin…eventually it cleared up and I was off all meds in a couple months…this was years ago….

    It’s interesting ..I just took my first shot of the Pfizer and I’m fine so far…


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