Experts Claim Covid Vaccines Could Have Been Placebos In The EU

Experts Claim Covid Vaccines Could Have Been Placebos In The EU

It has been revealed the fact that some experts are claiming that the covid vaccines could have been placebos in the EU. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Covid vaccines in the EU

There is concerning news that batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine used in the European Union may have contained placebos. Shockingly, the German regulator was aware of this issue but did not subject the batches to quality-control testing. A group of five German-speaking researchers, including Drs. Gerald Dyker, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Ruhr University Bochum, and Jörg Matysik, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Leipzig, have been openly raising concerns about the efficacy and safety of the BioNTech vaccine for the past 18 months.

During a recent online show hosted by German journalist Milena Preradovic, batch variability of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was discussed. The topic was prompted by a recent Danish study that identified a wide range of adverse reactions associated with different batches of the vaccine, also known as BNT162b2 in scientific terms. The German scientists summarized their findings by stating that some batches were ineffective, others had serious side effects, and some even contained saline solution.

Covid new data is out

The U.S. Federal government incentivized “not people recovering from COVID but people dying from COVID,” testified attorney Thomas Renz to the Pennsylvania State Senate. “You got a cash bonus when someone died from COVID. It was an incentive to kill people, and it worked incredibly well.”

One of the most objectionable protocols for treating COVID was the widespread use of a drug (Remdesivir) so infamous that it earned the nickname “Run Death Is Near.”

“The experts claimed that Remdesivir would stop Covid; instead, it stopped kidney function, then blasted the liver and other organs,” wrote Stella Paul in this piece.

A concerning matter was the overuse of morphine in a particular hospital floor. An attorney named Thomas Renz was informed by a pharmacist that the staff had a habit of increasing the morphine drip to manage their workload. Additionally, it was observed that placing COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilation was causing fatalities, which became apparent within weeks of the pandemic outbreak.

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