Emergency Physician And Author Of Study About mRNA Covid Vaccines Drops Dire Warning

Emergency Physician And Author Of Study About mRNA Covid Vaccines Drops Dire Warning

Another important name in the medical industry is speaking against the covid vaccines and their potentially terrible effects. Check out the latest reports below.

Another specialist warns against the covid vaccines

It’s been just reported that Joe Fraiman, an emergency physician based in Louisiana, and lead author of a pivotal study that re-analyzed the original mRNA vaccine trials, has recently called for the vaccines to be suspended.

Fraiman made the announcement in an online video that spread like wildfire across social media. The author of the article that we are referring to spoke with him recently to find out what troubled him the most about the vaccines.

“Since omicron, the benefits of the vaccine are greatly reduced. I have only admitted one person with covid-19 to the hospital in a year and my colleagues have had similar experiences,” said Fraiman, “So, if we’re giving the vaccine to people to prevent hospitalisations and death, then the impact of the vaccines is fairly insignificant.”

It’s really important to mention the fact that Fraiman joins a growing number of physicians and researchers questioning whether the benefits of these vaccines outweigh the harms.

The latest data on covid vaccines

A new relevant article begins by telling readers that the U.S. President Joe Biden told us, “You’re not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” but when it became obvious that the vaccinated were also getting infected, the excuse shifted to “How long has it been since your latest booster shot?”

Now, here’s the conclusion: “The vaccinations have made it worse,” declared Dr. Charles Hoffe.

Dr. Charles Hoffe is a doctor physician in Lytton, BC, Canada — and has worked as a rural family physician and emergency room physician for more than 30 years.

After he was able to witness some severe vaccine injuries in his own practice, he quickly became an outspoken critic of the experimental injections.

Dr. Hoffe explains, “The Cleveland study very clearly that the more shots you’ve had, the more likely you will get COVID. And the most likely to get COVID were people who had had the bivalent vaccine. So, in other words, it is the exact opposite of what the medical authorities are telling us. It’s not keeping you safe. It’s not keeping anyone else safe. You’re more likely to get and spread COVID If you’ve had your latest booster.”

The authors of the study noted, “The association of increased risk of COVID-19 with higher numbers of prior vaccine doses in our study was unexpected.”

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