Eight Holiday Gifts for Health and Wellness Buffs

Eight Holiday Gifts for Health and Wellness Buffs

Sometimes people’s zest for life comes not from the work, but from the holidays. Sometimes the holidays are just the thing you need to return to your life’s work.
More and more people seem to be realizing that. For the past several years, “wellness” has been one of the hottest categories in retailing, and the holidays are prime time for selling wellness-related stuff.

The holidays are a time of celebration, gift-giving and card-writing, but it’s also a time when many people are under stress. And stress can not only be unpleasant: it can also interfere with good health, especially over the long term.

A wellness experience is an event that enhances wellness. This can range from a yoga class to a multi-day retreat. Wellness experiences can also be shared. Your friend can experience a wellness event with you, or with your spouse or partner. This can make the event even more special.

Gift ideas

The gift of health is a priceless one. If health and happiness are important to you, it’s a pleasure to pass along some gift suggestions. Here are some gift ideas for wellness enthusiasts:

1. Iridology kit: This ancient system uses the eye’s internal pattern to identify health problems. The kit comes with an eye chart, a diagrammatic key, and an instructional booklet.

2. Body massager: An electric or pneumatic massager can help loosen up stiff muscles and increase circulation.

3. Foot massager: A foot massager helps relieve tired feet.

4. Yoga mat: A yoga mat can help you balance, focus, and meditate.

5. Meditation CD: Listening to a meditation CD can help relax the mind.

6. Yoga bag: A yoga bag can help you carry your mat, clothes, and other yoga essentials.

7. Exercise ball: An exercise ball can be used for sitting, walking, or exercising.

8. Meditation pillow: A meditation pillow is a cushioned cushion to keep your knees and back straight during meditation. A meditation pillow is a soft cushion that helps align your back, neck, and shoulders.



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