Dr. Robert Malone Weeps For EU’s Citizens – Ursula Von Der Leyen Addresses Need For Digital ID

Dr. Robert Malone Weeps For EU’s Citizens – Ursula Von Der Leyen Addresses Need For Digital ID

It has been revealed the fact that the citizens of Europe will have to face a pretty hard time in the future if a digital ID is set into place. Check out the latest reports about this below.

R.Malone addresses EU’s citizens

Check out the tweet that Malone shared not too long ago.

Someone commented the following: “Yep slavery incoming, they’re too dumb and passive to do anything. They lined up for the vaxx like sheep while having their rights stripped away. Don’t accept it as payment for anything, their currency should die overnight if they switch to that poison.”

Another follower said: “I don’t. They could do a Brexit but they don’t. Why not? And the more the EU strangles the people the more pressure will build up. It’s jut not bad enough yet for the lot of them to revolt.”

One other commenter posted this message: “This gonna end 2 ways for the Europe, 1. They’ll revolt and take their countries back or 2. They’ll make the China look like the beacon of Freedom.”

Ursula said that “any citizen can use anywhere…to do anything…” until the government decides they don’t like something you said, or something you did — or who you are. Then, in the blink of an eye, you can’t do anything, you can’t buy anything They won’t need a trial. They won’t need prisons, according to more people who commented.

Here’s the post, which includes the video on the social media platform X.

“The European Parliament and Member States just reached an agreement on introducing the Digital Identity, #eID. Directly afterward, #EU Commissioner Breton said: “Now that we have a Digital Identity Wallet, we have to put something in it…”, suggesting a connection between #CBDC and eID.

They ignored all the privacy experts and security specialists. They’re pushing it all through,” the post notes.

The same person continued and said: I am not optimistic. But it is not too late yet. Parliament still has to vote about this. Let your MEP know that you oppose the Digital Identity and that you want your MEP to vote against it!”

Check out more details about the dystopic world that’s in the making.

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