Dr. Robert Malone: “Instead Of Informed Consent About The Truth, We Were Given Lies” – Covid Vaccines

Dr. Robert Malone: “Instead Of Informed Consent About The Truth, We Were Given Lies” – Covid Vaccines

Dr. Robert Malone reveals the ways in which we got a series of lies about the covid vaccines, instead of the truth. Check out what he had to say via the social media platform X.

Robert Malone on Covid vaccines

Here’s what the expert had to say via this video on X:

“Dr. Robert Malone: “Instead of informed consent about the truth of these products … we were given a series of lies.

Lie #1 -The COVID vaccines are “safe and effective,” a repeated slogan
calls propaganda.

Lie #2 -The contents of the COVID shots stay in the arm. “They knew that these products deployed all throughout the body,” said Dr. Malone.

Lie #3 – mRNA lasts in the body for a short period of time. “We now know that these products remain in your body and remain biologically active for an undetermined period of time, of at least weeks and probably months; another lie,” rebuked Dr. Malone.

Lie #4 – “No one will be safe until everyone is vaccinated.” Pfizer admitted to MEP Rob Roos that they never tested if the jab stopped transmission.

Dr. Malone expressed that this series of falsehoods was employed to justify the use of experimental products with high profit margins. These products aimed to show the safety and efficacy of a vaccine platform technology (mRNA), which could then be applied for additional purposes.”

Someone commented: “We all know there were lies. The congress knows there were lies. The senate knows there were lies. A year later we have an AG in Texas who is the only one with “stones” to do anything.”

Korean studies reveal a tsunami of health issues

Earlier today, we reported that the Korean National Health Insurance Service collects health data for the entire population, including vaccination status.

This data enables researchers to compare the health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

However, the government is denying independent researchers and the public access to this comparative data, despite requests from experts for it to be made available for scrutiny.

Researchers in Korea have conducted a study on the impact of COVID-19 vaccination on individuals with blood disorders.

The study is titled “Hematologic Abnormalities after COVID-19 Vaccination: A Large Korean Population-Based Cohort Study”. Check out our previous article in order to learn more details about this.

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