Dr. Robert Malone Highlights France’s Law That Sends People To Jail For Criticizing mRNA Vaccines; British Columbia Is Next

Dr. Robert Malone Highlights France’s Law That Sends People To Jail For Criticizing mRNA Vaccines; British Columbia Is Next

Dr. Robert Malone addresses the outrageous law that has been passed in France regarding jailing people who criticize mRNA vaccines. Check out the new post that Malone shared on X below.

Dr. Robert Malone addresses the law in France and British Columbia

Here is the post that dr. Robert Malone shared:

Not too long ago, it was revealed the fact that France has passed a new law that will send you to jail for 3 years if you criticize mRNA ‘vaccines’ or ‘gene therapy’

“According to the law, which was passed quietly and secretly through the French parliament on Wednesday, advisement against mRNA or other treatments which are deemed ‘suitable’ based on current ‘medical knowledge’ can lead to a 3 year prison sentence and up to a $48,400 fine. Article 4 of the new law, or Article Pfizer as it’s being referred to by freedom fighters in the legislature, is a prejudgment of “alternative medicine” and a threat to whistleblowers. Ominously, during what little debate was fielded before the passage of this fascist law that eliminates informed consent, warnings were parroted that “the next pandemic is coming” and mRNA technology is the only solution.”

Someone commented: “British Columbia’s ‘Health’ Minister Bonnie Henry would rather promote vaccine ‘booster shots,’ ‘safer’ opiods & ‘safer’ fentanyl than actually talk about health. She’s an ideaologue–no different than Trudeau.”

Another follower pointed out this: “We are in 1984 Land. Penned in the 1940s, Orwell’s 1984 warned us about Totalitarian Governments. It has come. 1984 is a cautionary tale for me, for the Left, 1984 is a Blueprint. WHY ARE SO MANY people OK with this? Are people in a fog? Are they scared? Mezmorized?”

Not too long ago, we revealed the fact that Malone is shedding light on another vital issue regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Robert Malone addresses COVID-19 vaccines again

“Important presentation from Dr. Kevin McKernan, who made the first discoveries and disclosures regarding the DNA fragment contamination of the Pfizer and Moderna mod-mRNA vaccines,” she shared on X.

Genomics Expert Kevin McKernan Testifies to the Massachusetts Legislature on the DNA Contamination Found in the mRNA COVID Vaccines.

Take a look at my previous article in order to learn more details about this.

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