Dr. Pierre Kory: COVID-19 Vaccine Shedding is Not Only Real but “Very Common”

Dr. Pierre Kory: COVID-19 Vaccine Shedding is Not Only Real but “Very Common”

An important name in the medical field is addressing the so-called shedding phenomenon related to the COVID vaccines. Find out what he has to say about this below.

COVID vaccine shedding

In a video that has been recently posted on X, the expert said, “It’s not just unvaccinated who are at risk.”

“Everybody thinks shedding — it’s only the unvaccinated who are screaming, right? … That’s not true. I have vaccine-injured patients who are sensitive to being exposed to other vaccinated [people].”

“I think shedding is very common.”

Someone said: “Many of us tried to warn about this years ago but we’re called crazy. I even think it was my second strike on YT for even mentioning it back then. Same with “Vee A Eye D S”. Sorry, I have to spell it like that just in case the algo picks up on that too.”

The COVID vaccines have been in the news a lot lately.

COVID vaccine scandal in the UK

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak gets blasted on National Television over the harms that the COVID vaccine has brought. According to multiple reports, even if not too many people know this, he has invested a load of cash in Moderna, making millions.

During the GB News People’s forum, Rishi Sunak seemed to be taken aback when he was asked tough questions about the potential side effects of the Covid vaccine. A member of the audience used the opportunity to express his concerns about the vaccine and demanded that Sunak address him directly. The audience member was visibly upset and asked Sunak to look him in the eye, GBNews reports.

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