Do You Know if You Have a Leaky Gut? Here Are the Top 4 Signs

Do You Know if You Have a Leaky Gut? Here Are the Top 4 Signs

Having a leaky gut does not sound nice, but you can get it under control. A leaky gut is a condition where the junctions in your small intestine get damaged and start loosen, which leads to toxins, only partially digested foods, and bacteria getting into your bloodstream.

It’s very important to maintain the health of our stomachs. According to scientists 70% of the immune system resides in the gut. And if we have an unhealthy gut, it is precursor for most diseases, and it might be hard to maintain a balanced gut. You can improve sleep, digestion, mood, heart and brain and skin if you keep your gut happy.

So how can you know you have a leaky gut? We’re here to help. These are the signs you need to get checked out.

You’re bloated or you have diarrhea

Bloating, and diarrhea, as well as constipation, are signs that you have a leaky gut. These symptoms make their appearance after you eat processed foods, like carbs and sugars, or, if you are experiencing sensitives or food intolerances.

You’re very tired

The inflammation you have in your body can lead to a rise in cortisol levels, and you might suffer from poor sleep, which eventually leads to extreme fatigue, and even adrenal dysfunction.

Your joints hurt

If your joints hurt, you might have a leaky gut. The toxic particles that are getting into your bloodstream can cause inflammation in the joints. You should definitely go talk to your doctor.

You deal with nutritional deficiencies

A leaky gut can cause the malabsorption of nutrients. Magnesium, vitamin B12, folate, these may all decrease. It can lead to muscle cramps, fatigue, anemia or impaired digestion. Some other nutrients on this list are selenium, vitamin D, zinc and Omega-3s.


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